Respite Care

Respite care is a service provided to adults with a developmental disability living with their parents or representatives. Respite care provides short-term relief to the family and creates different opportunities for the individual to interact with other residents and enjoy participation in the activities of the group home.


Individuals from the supporting churches as recorded in the By-laws are eligible for respite services. 

The following Homes have one space set aside for adult respite care:  Anchor Home, Beacon Home, The Lighthouse, and Harbour Home.

New Applicant

  • Email your respite request to Head Office at at least three weeks prior to the requested date for respite.
  • Forms will be emailed to you and must be filled out and returned to Head Office two weeks before a person can be brought into the home.

Generally these requests come from parents who are members of our supporting churches, but from time to time other requests will be considered. Parents/representatives are expected to visit the home and discuss any particulars regarding the care of their child/charge with staff on duty.

Proper documentation needs to be present, as well as phone numbers of health care workers and immediate family. Medication procedures need to be clearly marked. Special requests and instructions, especially those dealing with behaviors or medical issues, must be presented in writing.

As a rule respite periods will not exceed two weeks in length, with a maximum of 42 days (6 weeks) per calendar year. The Executive Director will decide in which home a particular person fits best. We prefer people to remain in their home community; however, due to the nature of the disability this may not always be possible.

Respite guests shall follow the house rules as much as can be expected. After the first respite stay, staff on duty will provide a short oral evaluation to the parents/representatives, followed by a short written report to be filed at Head Office. Any concerns for future visits should be addressed at that time.

The Executive Director may at times deny service due to a lack of staff, space, or the particular needs of the person in need of service. Payments will be arranged via Head Office. Rates have been established by the association and are marked on the Application for Respite form.

Subsequent Visits

Subsequent visits for respite can be requested on short notice. However, for prolonged stays, one week’s notice is a minimum requirement. Early notification is always wise due to limited space and staffing needs. The parents/representatives are expected to pass on pertinent information as per need, in order to update the individual’s file.

Progress notes will be recorded daily by staff, and an verbal update will be provided to the parents/representatives when they pick up the individual.

On Sundays, our residents worship at the local Canadian Reformed or United Reformed Church; respite guests are expected to join unless other arrangements have been made.

Rates 2024

Daily           $  100
Weekly       $500
Weekend   $200

Respite Care for Individuals of Non-Supporting Churches/Agencies

In addition to the information above, specific guidelines apply for individuals who do not belong to the supporting churches:

  1. Since Anchor Christian Homes is a non-profit organization, and paid for by memberships, donations, and church collections, members of the association will receive first choice of dates.
  2. Only individuals from supporting churches will be able to apply for permanent residency.
  3. Individuals must abide by the rules established by the association and particular to each Home.
  4. Individuals must not negatively impact on the atmosphere of the Home.
  5. Individuals must be aware of the fact that devotions are scheduled before and after meals.
  6. Individuals must be aware that on Sundays our residents attend either the Canadian Reformed Church or the United Reformed Church in their locale. Other arrangements can be made, but transportation cannot be provided for practical reasons.
  7. Respite rates are all inclusive. Apart from some pocket money for personal use, all needs are provided for, including basic transportation. An effort will be made to keep the  individual’s routine consistent.
  8. The Executive Director or Board of Directors have final approval.

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